Fusion 4 Curing Light - Kit

Fusion 4 Curing Light - Kit
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Product Description


A heavy-duty, high-end yet small, sleek and well-balanced light made of solid aircraft aluminum. Dramatically saves curing times, improves quality and covers composite restorations including fillings, sealants, veneers and crowns with ease. With patented optics and modular design, it delivers a focused low-dispersion uniform beam with 2700 mW/cm2 high power for bulk or 5-second cure and 1300 mW/cm2 pulse power for low shrinkage/heat cure.

Kit Includes Fusion 4 Curing Light, charging stand, 1-tacking tip, 1- 9mm curing cap, 1- 13mm curing cap, power adapter, Light Shield, 100 - barrier sleeves, stand stick pad, Instructions For Use, 2-Year Warranty

Colors: Blue, Gold, Pink, Silver